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Technically Consulting is driven by the communication requirements of your business. Our consultants specialize in getting to know you and your organization first. Once we know what you need, we lean on all of the top telecommunication and software providers to connect you with the best products and pricing available.

Our Approach

With all the different modes of communication software and systems we use today, something as simple as replacing or renegotiating an office phone system can be a little overwhelming. Don’t let this hold you back. At Technically Consulting, we sit on the same side of the table as you and your Team. We act as your guide through all the options and resources available to you when making a change to the way your organization communicates. Our consultation services are provided at no cost or obligation. Once we find a new solution that works best, we will take care of the negotiations and then remain as a single point of contact for the implementation. We will support you and your Team, until you  are comfortable and happy with your new service. Generally, these tasks are assigned to the IT or Operations people who already have a full plate. We know that we can take on 90% of the work that we specialize in, while your Team continues to work on what they specialize in.

Our 10 step process for success:

  1. Discovery meeting to get to know your Team and their needs
  2. Cost analysis and audit of your current systems
  3. Collaborate with your key Team Members and IT Professionals
  4. Provide you with a concise, but detailed summary report
  5. Research to uncover the best solutions and provide an update
  6. Quick demonstration of the solutions that make sense for you
  7. Negotiate the best terms and price with our vendors
  8. Present pricing for the products that work best for your Team
  9. Activate and implement the new solution
  10. Provide a single point of contact during this process, AND after



Why people choose to work with us; you can look online, fill out forms, lean on your own contacts and end up with multiple people calling and emailing you, or you can call us.
Whether your IT Team is internal or a third party, it will be difficult for them to dedicate the time required to choose a solution and then be responsible for the implementation, training and support your Team will require for a smooth transition while properly maintaining the day to day operations at hand.

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Your Connection to Over 200 Solution Providers

We are experts in Unified Communications and Phone Systems. However, we know the tech and product experts at just about any company you could possibly look to partner with. From cellphones to fleet tracking, internet and security, we have connections to save you time and frustration. We can navigate this world efficiently with a focus on your needs, and have the engineers, tech and product experts to leverage on your behalf.

Reduce Costs

As part of our ongoing support model, our Project Manager and Consultants can take on many tasks for your organization. Need to audit the amount of phone lines you have, why your bill seems to be higher this month or if there’s a better option overall? Click the button below for a complimentary account audit. With all due respect, why would you take the time to do this when you have the opportunity to shift the workload to another Team at no cost! AND, we are happy to do this for anyone that needs a little break from the mundane. Whether we’ve worked together before or you’ve just been introduced to Technically Consulting, let us know how to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Our Team


Marit brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Technically Consulting Team. From account and billing audits to CRM software and Project Management, she is the detail oriented woman that takes care of our clients and makes sure that everyone stays on track with all of our projects. Marit knows when she is the best person for the job and when she needs to engage one of our tech’s or engineers. If you just want to vent, she knows when to listen and when you need a problem solved, she’ll be your greatest ally. If English isn’t your first language, maybe you can try one of the other five languages she speaks! When Marit is not collaborating, communicating and conquering for our clients, she enjoys teaching her dog new tricks. Aside from reading books and being an avid knitter, Marit uses her spare time to use her many years as a professional dancer to mentor and train young dance enthusiasts. We really appreciate Marit and know you will too.


Kyle is our Lead Tech Consultant and has over 15 years experience in telecommunications and software for business communication and collaboration. With the advancement of technology and the need to integrate phone systems with software in the last few years, he found a gap in the market. In working with Telco’s and his client’s IT Teams, it became apparent that there was a serious need for a service that assisted these organizations with the process of streamlining communication and finding the right solutions. Kyle has a passion for business. He loves getting to know how an organization works, what they feel they need help with and identifying areas they may not even know they can improve upon. That’s why he started Technically Consulting! When Kyle is not hard at work, he spends most of his free time with his family. If he does find a little time to himself, he enjoys craft beer and riding motorcycles (but never at the same time).

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